Our DIY KITS ARE A Complete STEM Class in A Box

  • Curious DIY STEM Kits are designed for educators who wish to bring hands-on, engaging projects to students in grades 1-8
  • Specifically designed to support NGSS standards with aligned concepts and themes, helping to meet educational objectives
  • Highly original projects that use standard materials allow students to easily reproduce projects and create others, encouraging inventiveness and creativity, while teaching fundamental skills. Our kits are designed with educators in mind by offering projects that build knowledge and skills but also provide for student success and satisfaction.
  • Student assessments provide educators with the data they need to measure effectiveness.
  • Online tutorial and illustrated instructions included so remote students and students working independently can participate.
  • Optional live virtual instruction from Curious-on-Hudson is available.
  • Curious DIY Kits provide students with an opportunity to explore topics through hands-on learning in self-contained individual kits.
  • Printed materials and online tutorials provide extra support where needed.
  • Fully-tested projects provide both challenging activities and gratifying results.
  • Projects are innovative but use common materials, helping students to recognize STEM concepts and products in the real world and allow for further experimentation.
  • Kits provide an enjoyable way to build skills and demonstrate proficiency in core concepts.
  • Build it once, twice or more…problem solving is part of the design.
  • Compact, individualized kits are easily distributed to classrooms, remote students and offsite programs.
  • Individual packaging ensures each student has everything they need to complete a project (and keep it!) as well as minimizing shared and misplaced materials.
  • reasonable price point to meet the budgetary needs of most organizations with bulk pricing available.
  • Support for teachers and other instructors available through online tutorials.
  • Optional live virtual instruction from Curious-on-Hudson available.

Our DIY Kits are the product of our years of experience developing, teaching and working with curious young people. For over 8 years, we have developed our unique STEAM curriculum, which has been taught in schools, after-school programs and camps. 

Each Kit Includes:

» Materials and Supplies

» Student-Friendly Instructions

» Online Tutorial

» Student Assessment

‘The Curious DIY Kits are easy to deploy to students as they are individually packed, carefully labeled and most of all, they’re clever. I’ve seen a lot of STEM type kits and they all seem the same. These are truly different and come with all the teaching resources I need to lead the class.”