Optional Virtual Life Instruction

Curious DIY Kits are designed for educators to provide an engaging and innovative STEM class to their students and come with student and educator resources that make is possible for educators to deliver these classes on their own. However, it may be of interest to have Curious-on-Hudson lead the instruction through a live virtual, online session with your students. This option allows for students at any location to experience the STEM class in conjunction with their peers. Or it may be a desirable option for any organization that does not want to provide the instruction on their own. The classes are led by Curious-on-Hudson instructors who are intimately familiar with the kits (most of them have designed at least a few of them!). Our instructors have years of in-classroom and online teaching experience.

How to Arrange for Live Instruction

To arrange a class with live instruction, please contact us to determine which kit(s) will be taught and what schedule you require. Classes can be arranged Monday-Friday, 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM EST.  Some exceptions to this schedule may be possible. At this time,  all classes are taught in English.

Use the button below to schedule a call with us to discuss your needs.