Curious DIY Kits: Make Innovation Happen

Cynthia Kollander, SAR Academy, Riverdale NY 

“Curious-on-Hudson has been a pleasure to work with. They make it so easy for the classroom teacher by assembling and providing kits and very clear PowerPoint presentations.  The presentation is so clear and organized that the students can be provided them without any formal instruction and can follow through with the activity on their own. They have always been extremely available to discuss the lessons and incredibly responsive and open to teacher feedback to enhance the lessons. They are true partners with the classroom teacher in providing the most comprehensive, informative and clear lesson plans that enhance student knowledge about various STEAM topics. The students have enjoyed every lesson because it gives them an opportunity to learn by doing- a method of instruction that will surely impact and stick with them for many years to come.”

Kits are reasonably priced between $9.95-$19.95 and can be purchased individually or in thematic bundles. A volume discount of 10% is automatically applied for purchases of 50 or more units (individual kits or bundles).  Each kit includes all materials and supplies, student-friendly printed instructions, training video and teacher resources. 

Hands-on, innovative STEM Kits for Grades 1-8

For Educators Everywhere

Curious DIY Kits are fun, educational kits that have kids really ENGAGED in their own learning. Our products are designed to teach students principles of science, engineering and creative thinking in fun, clever kits that use common parts and materials. Rather than highly manufactured kits that are designed for single use, these kits provide students with a true understanding of what makes their project work the way it does.  

Our Curious DIY STEM Kits place the emphasis on learning and allow each student to build and keep a cool, take-home project.

The learning is embedded in the project and supported by student-friendly instructions, online tutorial, and educator resources including full lesson plans. An option for live, remote instruction from a Curious-on-Hudson instructor is also available. 

As an option, live, virtual instruction is available for all kits. Live instruction can be scheduled at the convenience of your school or organization. Learn more here

  • Curious DIY STEM Kits are designed for educators who wish to bring hands-on, engaging projects to students in grades 1-8
  • Specifically designed to support NGSS standards with aligned concepts and themes, helping to meet educational objectives
  • Highly original projects that use standard materials allow students to easily reproduce projects and create others, encouraging inventiveness and creativity, while teaching fundamental skills. Our kits are designed with educators in mind by offering projects that build knowledge and skills but also provide for student success and satisfaction.
  • Student assessments provide educators with the data they need to measure effectiveness.
  • Online tutorial and illustrated instructions included so remote students and students working independently can participate.
  • Optional live virtual instruction from Curious-on-Hudson is available.
  • Curious DIY Kits provide students with an opportunity to explore topics through hands-on learning in self-contained individual kits.
  • Printed materials and online tutorials provide extra support where needed.
  • Fully-tested projects provide both challenging activities and gratifying results.
  • Projects are innovative but use common materials, helping students to recognize STEM concepts and products in the real world and allow for further experimentation.
  • Kits provide an enjoyable way to build skills and demonstrate proficiency in core concepts.
  • Build it once, twice or more…problem solving is part of the design.
  • Compact, individualized kits are easily distributed to classrooms, remote students and offsite programs.
  • Individual packaging ensures each student has everything they need to complete a project (and keep it!) as well as minimizing shared and misplaced materials.
  • reasonable price point to meet the budgetary needs of most organizations with bulk pricing available.
  • Support for teachers and other instructors available through online tutorials.
  • Optional live virtual instruction from Curious-on-Hudson available.