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You Can’t Wear Fun

Make Some Fun with Us, Please! 


For over five years Curious-on-Hudson has taken things apart, built things up, explored, exploded and wandered…we know what’s fun. I guess you could say that is our biggest accomplishment and we’re not ashamed to say it: YAY! We know what fun looks like.  From STEAM Camps to workshops to Spring Break….to Tinkerers and Makers and more: Fun is not what we give you – it’s what you make happen here. 

Let’s repeat that:  We can’t make you wear fun because FUN is what YOU MAKE HAPPEN.  And we’d sure like it if you make it here.

It (fun) looks like the kids we serve. It looks like their faces when they DELIGHT in what they’ve done. Or what they’re working on. Or the fact that they just can’t stop doing it, even when it is time to go home. They cannot stop having the fun, the pure joy, the delight of finding themselves in what they are doing.

And that’s what we’re proud of. Not expensive equipment. Not trendy buzz words. Not things you’ll learn today and forget tomorrow. We build you up, from the inside out – not the other way around.

So, when camps say we promise you a “fun-filled” summer, we think, “we promise to help you make a fun-filled summer for yourself.” Because if we just try and stick it on you the way you’d wear a sticker, well…it just won’t stick.

We’re proud of who we are and we are proud of all that you do for us.  Thank you.

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