We are Curious!

We are a team of educators, developers, researchers, and passionate experts who look for ways to touch others through teaching and learning.  Since 2013, Curious-on-Hudson has sought to nurture curiosity in the programs we created…original, unique and even a little outrageous at times, we learned to spark children with hands-on activities, peer engagement and awe for the world around us. 

Our Curious DIY Kits are an offshoot of the thinking and designing we brought to our programs. They inspire kids to see themselves as engineers, makers, designers, and explorers. Our rich curriculum is carefully reviewed for projects that we know sparked interest in kids and that we know can be successfully deployed in a teaching environment.

We ourselves are makers and do-ers. We are people from various backgrounds – creative and technical – who come together to make inspirational projects. We work collaboratively to design and create projects to reach students through their hands, i.e., by helping them to form a deep understanding of the concepts and ideas that are strongly rooted in science, technology, engineering, and math, but that also explore the concepts of design, that make these disciplines as exciting as they are today.

Learn more about our parent company, Curious-on-Hudson at www.curiousonhudson.com.