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Curious DIY Kits are for ages 5-110

Kits are priced between $9.95-$19.95

 For Makers, Inventors and Tinkerers…

Our DIY Kits are the product of our years of experience developing, teaching and working with curious kids. 

Our Passion is CURIOSity

All the parts and pieces you need to build one of our projects. You will only need to have some basic supplies on hand such as glue, scissors, etc. 

The cool thing about Curious DIYKits is that YOU are the MAKER. The parts are basic items. Once you see how they work, you can use your imagination to do more.

We’ve been designing projects and teaching others how to have fun while learning for years. This is our passion. Let’s Do Stuff! 

Available Kits

The DIY Kit System


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Use the Parts to Try SomeThing New.