Curious DIY Kits are for grades 1-8

Kits are priced between $9.95-$19.95

 Ideal for STEM Enrichment Programs

Curious DIY Kits: Spark Some Curiosity!


Packed in the box is everything a student needs to complete one project: the idea, the concepts, the materials, the instructions, and the reward for curiosity, tenacity and problem-solving.

“I made a super-hero gauntlet that lights up! Then my friend and I had a laser battle with them.”

-2nd grade student


Our ideas use basic materials and familiar components to teach fundamental skills, while also engaging students in playful and rewarding projects that they can use and keep.

“We made monsters that go together using magnets. Mine were so cool.”

-1st grade student


Kits are packaged for individual use in the classroom or group setting, accompanied by student-friendly instructions and online tutorials, giving students a sense of accomplishment and reward in finished projects.

“The kit taught me what a breadboard is and how to to use a resistor.”

-4th grade student